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Re: Odoo visited by EU-Officals for Invenstment Plan over 315 billion €

- 05/29/2015 08:16:19
Dear Odoo community,

who cares if some eurocrats are visiting - they tend to do this any time they hear someone is being successful commercially. 

Seriously what is the point about mentioning a number of 315 billions euros, what fraction of that might ever come odoo's way ? 0.0001%  (315K euro) if they were ever lucky, and at what effort in filling out forms, finding international 'partners' and jumping through all the numerous hoops that the civil servants would put up to imply that they are spending our money wisely. Those who suggest that running after this money should try it themselves sometime so that they can see what a fruitless and distracting process it can be for genuine innovators.

Odoo SA has established itself as a commercially driven enterprise. It will survive and prosper if it responds to the needs of its customers  - that is the right way.


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Well for me Opensource is the future and EU are looking at this. Whether or not the focus will be more enterprise is yet to be proven. It's early days, for what may happen to this project. I am less interested in this project, than I was before the recent announcements. However, I don't want to be negative. So I would like to think open source Odoo is getting a huge boost in investments.


On 29/05/15 09:02, Mohamed M. Hagag wrote:
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the most important question from the community side, I think:

will this affect the open source nature of the project ?!

On 05/29/2015 01:52 AM, Mathias Neef wrote:
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Here is something posted over Twitter which I want to share with you:

Here is the link to the Odoo-Blog:

More about the EU-plan:

It sounds very interesting, because of the big pot over 315 billion.
Willingly I translate such huge ammunts to some smaller (for my own): 315.000 million EURO.

My question to Fabien & Odoo:
Had Odoo already received money from this plan?
If yes what is the plan to do with this money?
Or if not, how big is the chance that Odoo will receive money?
What does this mean for private investors?

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