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Re: Updating modules odoo 8

- 05/29/2015 06:44:59
Le 29/05/2015 11:51, Jean-Baptiste Quenot a écrit :
> You are confusing two different things: updating the module's source code from
> the upstream repository to get a newer version (or roll back to a previous
> version).  

We had to do that sometimes - because many patches were / are applied to
existing code (lot of bug fixes)
Actually patrick Lukusa @odoo asked us to do so.

> And updating the Odoo modules, which means synchronizing the data
> model and views from module files to database.


> Which one is problematic?

What is problematic is that I can't use the Theme that I have bought from odoo
Beside that nothing is really problematic.

I was asked to update web modules in order to be able to upload the theme -
apparently newer modules would allow me to use the theme.

This is what I am intending to do.
And I still have no clue how to move away from web module… ? Updating
DB didn't help… ??

What am I supposed to do in order to get a newer version of a given module ?

> Note that you don't necessarily have to update the Odoo source code, it can
> have side effects.  If you have something working stick with it.

I am not trying to update "at all costs" - we have automated DB backup so we
can rollback if needed.
But when I buy something, I intend to use It.

> P.S. What's your name by the way?  No signature and no name in From header... 
> I don't know whom I'm writing to :-)

You are writing to Grégory Bernard from ToDoo company.
I generally don't publish my name on public lists ;-)

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