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Re: Buildout: SHA vs TAG

Agile Business Group sagl, Lorenzo Battistini - Software Engineer, Agile Business Group
- 05/28/2015 12:18:19
On 26 May 2015 at 12:05, Leonardo Pistone <> wrote:
Hi Lorenzo.

If we had one module per repository, we could update the version
number when we make important changes, and tag the repo with the
version number every time. We can't, since the repo contains many
modules and we don't know what to tag and when.

So we are stuck with commit hashes. If your branch is rebased, the old
hash should still be available until it is garbage-collected (probably
a month or so, i'm not sure). So it will work for a while, and then at
some point disappear.

If you want to get the latest commit of an unmerged pull request, but
still pin the hash in the main repository, since version 1.9 of the
recipe you can add a line like

merges = git origin parts/department pull/42/head

in your buildout. This takes advantage of the fact that with github,
you can pull the branch associated to pull request 42 with "git pull
origin pull/42/head" without knowing the name of the proposed remote
and branch. This will not pin the revision in the pull request, but it
might be enough if the PR is not active and is just waiting a merge.

I didn't know the 'merges' directive. It should solve most of our problems.
Thanks Leonardo (and thanks to Georges for developing it ;-) )

Lorenzo Battistini
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