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Re: Updating modules odoo 8

Gustavo Orrillo
- 05/27/2015 13:32:59
you should also check the server log while updating the modules, sometimes modules can not be installed for different reasons and the log files give you a clue of what might be going on

On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 2:27 PM, Rubén <> wrote:

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We are working with oDoo since quite sometimes - and even though we have a support from oDoo… they are not answering ! 

So I am trying support from the community (hopefully might have more luck). 

We are hosting our odoo servers in our own datacenter. 
We are updating servers using standard procedure (for odoo 8) : 

$ git fetch
$ git pull origin 8.0

This is ok for maintaining the repo up to date for main instance… but we need to update some specific modules (web for example). 
We have bought a theme from Indiegogo couple of months ago and have now been granted (at last !) this theme. 

Unfortunately this theme is not working with our current version of Web module… 
So we will need to update the Web module in order to install this theme and use It ! 

Could you please let me know : 

1. how to update a module ? 
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2. what is the standard procedure to do so ? 

    You should be able to upgrade a module from the GUI. Look for the
    module in the Local Modules list, click on it and then click

If there are python changes, you might need to restart the server. To start the server upgrading the addon, run it with:

$ ./ -d yourDatabaseName -u yourAddonName

The -d option is required to use the -u (--update) one.

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3. what are the eventual risks and constraints that one must follow in order for this to happen smoothly ? 

Addons are easy to update, it is a very common task when you are developing and your own. The worst risk is that uninstalling modules is only possible through the GUI (AFAIK, please comment on this if you are reading and know how to uninstall through CLI), so if you really break something with your addon and you can't access the GUI, it's a pain in the neck.

Usually you only get errors when you do something wrong with the code, but a team member had some trouble with google accounts module and SSL, so he got a 500 server error and had what could have been serious trouble.
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I am very surprised that having bought an official support from odoo : 

1. I can't update my modules using the provided GUI (not really an issue but having a broken GUI is weired) 
2. I still have to deal with this banner saying that I have no support and that I must register (I am a registered client and It does not disapear) !! 
3. Support from odoo really is very very bad… slow and blocking you when you are not in line with their own agenda (SAAS hosted app). 

I am really sorry to hear that, but also very thankful for your post telling us.

I hope it helps.


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