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Re: Pull Rules do not work when defined manually

Eva Pinter
- 05/27/2015 02:36:10
Hi Leonardo,

Did you run the scheduler when doing this?

When I tested on runbot, the system is correctly creating the call for bid, but it is also creating a procurement for the material. So, if you run the scheduler, the reordering rule will apply and you will end up having 2 call for bids for the same sales order.

Eva P.

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On 27 May 2015, at 00:10, Leonardo Pistone <> wrote:

I just tried on runbot v8 with the default 1-step reception, with a
product (bose mini) configured as MTO, buy, purchase requisition.

I made a sale of that product, and it generated a call for bids. Once
I created a bid, validated it, what I get looks right: a reception
move from suppliers to stock for the purchase, chained to a a move
from stock to customers for the sale.
-> it looks like it works. Is it the same use case you're talking about?

On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 4:37 PM, Eva Pinter <> wrote:
> The reason I do not use make to order is that the make2Order rule is only
> working with production and creates an anonymous procurement in the stock.
> Further the make2order creates automatically a call for bid so that we have
> the quantity doubled in purchasing after running the scheduler is run.

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