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Re: Pull Rules do not work when defined manually

Eva Pinter
- 05/26/2015 07:52:23
Hi Leonardo,

The scenario is supply to order. It means that when we receive specific orders, we want to create a purchase order separately for these sales orders that are not depending on what we have in stock or what already has been purchased or will be purchased other wise.

The material is a call for bid material, so that each time we want to purchase, we will ask the different suppliers for prices.

So, I created a new route named “Supply2Order” with 2 pull rules:
1. first pull rule is a purchase with a lower sequence number
2. second pull rule is a move from stock with a higher sequence number

I was expecting the system to create a purchase with the first rule and move the purchased goods from stock as I propagate the procurement group in both pull rules.

The reason I do not use make to order is that the make2Order rule is only working with production and creates an anonymous procurement in the stock. Further the make2order creates automatically a call for bid so that we have the quantity doubled in purchasing after running the scheduler is run.

Thanks for your help

Eva P.

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On 26 May 2015, at 11:03, Leonardo Pistone <> wrote:

Hi Eva,

it might very well be, and I'd love to track down the problem. Can you
please share details on the setup that does not work, and what is
similar setup with existing routes/rules that works? (If I understand
correctly, it is a 2-step delivery, MTO scenario).


2015-05-25 20:14 GMT+02:00 Eva Pinter <>:
> Yes, routes created.

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