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Buildout: SHA vs TAG

Agile Business Group sagl, Lorenzo Battistini - Software Engineer, Agile Business Group
- 05/26/2015 03:25:49
Good morning,

we are using the odoo buildout recipe and we usually add git branches to our configuration specifying the SHA commit.

Therefore, the recipe thoughtfully suggests:

"pointing to a remote commit directly by its SHA is unsafe because it can become unreachable due to history rewrites (squash, rebase) in the remote branch. Please consider using tags if you can"

While usually this is not an issue for stable branches, it can be for not merged branches that we want to use in production before they are merged. It can be an issue because such branches are often rebased, hence commits are lost.
I recently noticed we are not alone:, this is a typical example.

I considered following recipe's advice about using tags, but if I tag my development branch with something that is meaningful for me, then, when my branch is merged, my tag will be also added to stable branch, right? This is not what I want.

Does anyone have any suggestion about how to solve this?


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