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Travis is giving a failed message on my fork but it doesn't on the oca branch and on the fork of Alexandre Fayolle

Bubbles IT, Peter Langenberg
- 05/25/2015 06:26:21

I'm trying to start with the travis-ci on github in my forks.

So to do a first test, I forked the sale-workflow, then I just added one text file ( and pushed it to the forked branch.

Since the OCA is doing a good build and I only added 1 textfile I thought my would do too, but ...

test 1.2 1.3 1.8 .1.9 1.10 1.11 failed the other succeded ..

These are mine ...

----> I get this error message ...

Creating instance:

/home/travis/odoo-8.0/openerp-server -d openerp_template --log-level=warn --stop-after-init --addons-path /home/travis/build/mylbco/sale-workflow,/home/travis/odoo-8.0/addons --init partner_prepayment,sale_cancel_reason,sale_exception_nostock,sale_exceptions,sale_order_back2draft,sale_order_line_description,sale_owner_stock_sourcing,sale_partner_order_policy,sale_payment_term_interest,sale_procurement_group_by_line,sale_quotation_number,sale_reason_to_export,sale_validity

2015-05-25 09:51:33,329 22616 CRITICAL openerp_template openerp.service.server: Failed to initialize database `openerp_template`.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong ?