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Re: Tools for development

Mohamed Magdy
- 05/22/2015 22:17:41
Hi Oscar,

All you need is a good Python IDE (Eclipse with PyDev, PyCharm or any Other IDE). These IDEs will provide Python auto-completion, Debugging Tools and VCS Tools.

You can use Editors too (Gedit on linux, Sublime). They all are lightweight and good to use, but they will not help you with debugging.

==> I recommend PyCharm with Odoo PyCharm Templates, you can find a demo here

Best Regards,

Mohamed Magdy
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On Sat, May 23, 2015 at 1:37 AM, Oscar Garcia <> wrote:
Hello everybody,

Can you suggest a particular set of development tools for Odoo development?



Ing. Oscar A. García Chamalé
Java Developer/Web Application Developer
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