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Re: Are footer & header string in qweb translatable?

Vauxoo S.A. de C.V., Humberto
- 05/20/2015 14:22:49
Hi Antony
I did not understand because the string is both commented and uncommented 
below. It should works we extract all text node of the xml (same as form 
It is commented in the

<div class="footer">

because there extraction of text for translation is not working.

While the uncomment strings are in the

<div class="page">

where extraction of text for translation does work.

What is intended with the footer is to place the same title which is shown in the body of the report.

Title shown in the body of the report is shown translated,
but the same string which is used as footer is not translatable.

I will try this approach of yours
Did you try to create manually the ir.translation reccord, to confirm 
that only the parsing from xml to ir.translation doesnt work, but the 
translation mecanism itself works?

In the meantime do you have any sample where translation in footer or header is working

Best Regards.