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Re: Odoo v9 Paid Apps

Ermin Trevisan
- 05/20/2015 05:29:58
At the moment, I must be a developer with a comprehensive development environment in order to be able to test and qualify modules sufficiently to deploy them to a production environment. I do not get any help from the app store. If I am just a regular Odoo business user, I can't. Let's compare it with Apple store, for example. Apple charges the same 30% as Odoo app store does, but because of Apple's certification process I can be sure that a downloaded app does not break my iPhone and works. Of course Odoo is a bit more complicated, but some help to improve quality can surely not hurt. Not to forget: what happens if it is a paid app? Do I get my money back? What about possible damages? If this should become a viable ecosystem, these are the problems to be solved, despite of the general license policy discussions, which add basic question marks to the equation.

And at the actual situation about the Odoo license mess, it is of utter importance to have proper license information before payment of an app.

On 20.05.2015 10:35, Nhomar Hernández wrote:
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2015-05-20 3:17 GMT-05:00 Ermin Trevisan <>:
The only thing I can see in the odoo app store are prices, there is no license information at all. Even if I would consider to buy a module, I do not know anything about my license rights before having paid. This is a No-Go anyway.


But you can decide only filter by "Free" which frequently have access to repository itself.

And if you have a serious deployment you should have an strong CI enviroment, brake production "because a module" is not because the module is bad, is because you didn't follow good practices ;-)

My 2 cents.

Saludos Cordiales

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Nhomar Hernandez

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