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Re: Odoo v9 Paid Apps

Nhomar Hernandez
- 05/20/2015 04:08:00
- What you need to remember is that "nobody" is obligating anybody "buy" something.

We actually have OCA team working on an excellent comunitary enviroment, but everybody must accept that we need more people testing, improving, migrating, making perfect teh code.

Then, if people who say "It will not work because by the community it ensure A or B or C" it is not true 100% now we in 1 year do not have "yet" even 50% of repositories 100% tested and we do not have 100% of extra functionalities necesaries as "community".

But yes you can decide:

- "Freely available",
- "Freely Available AND tested (the OCA tested ones)"
- "Freely availables from people with reputation (no OCA)".
- "Privatelly availables just shown a marketing (no OCA and the most common way actually used by some partners who claim have A B C or D on them webpages)"
- "Paid at risk with a qualification way (ODOO)"

May be some other will appear but as I see is that now and always we will be improving OCA, Odoo will continue being OpenSOurce in a 90% of the code, and we will be devided in 2 groups "Exactly as we are now":

- The one that wit 1 year after something is released (The stable lovers).
- The one thet will use the trunk (now paying) and buy serviced/modules for the ones that propose good choices (The kamikaze ones) << We in Vauxoo are here ;-)

I think it is not bad say "I want 1000 USD for this module" at the same time if you simply stalk a little to a company you will see their contributions, their public comments, public free contribs, their websites and so on..... but if all is Ok! Cool! sell what you want.


This discussion will not give any good point if you even didn't see far from the bad part.

Until now the paid app store is only "Another option",

"Do you want paid apps tested and low price and opensource AGPL?" --> Do your apps use that model and try, if you have good results **Excellent** share your results and encourage with proofs more people to do the same.

"Do you want paid apps tested and low price and opensource LGPL?" --> Do your apps use that model and try, if you have good results **Excellent** share your results and encourage with proofs more people to do the same.

"Do you want free apps availables for everybody with millions of USD invested?" --> Do your apps use that model and try, if you have good results **Excellent** share your results and encourage with proofs more people to do the same.

It means this model will not brake "anything" by the contrary it should push us as community to pick the one that is better for everybody.

We at Vauxoo have more apps freely avilables than "everybody" just followed by the OCA and Odoo itself (and we removed totally our authorship when we share things to OCA modules, it means part of them is currently mantained by us), and until now and for the future we WILL working opensource..... but honestly guys, we need the paid app market, and this is just the begining, in the way we "toghether with Odoo, SA or Not" will build the best Ecosystem of Apps "Ever"......... But stop making flames where no there are anybody hurting you....

Until Now (v8.0) Odoo, SA has tried to deliver a great product, (no perfect by far) but let us try to give something back.... not Code - Code - Code... not flames.... FUD on this topics only bring unsustained doubts.

From Bible
he who is without sin cast the first stone
Edited in a Geek Way.

Who "NEVER" has developed a "Privated" Module just for himself to have some advantage over thir competitor cast the first stone.


2015-05-20 2:22 GMT-05:00 Anders Wallenquist <>:
Den 2015-05-20 08:53, Christophe Hanon skrev:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
Sorry to write always the same stupid stuff...

Have a look at :

- Free and paid modules - some craps but some are really good - 
- Very low price 
- And all distributed under the GPL - condition sine qua non to be listed. 
- Customer review / ranking and demo site are good enough to make a selection of modules.

Also good to look at : paid extension are usually served as one year subscription to support / bug fixing etc

Absolutely, its possible to earn money from licence fees even if the modules are GPL.
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

I think the best would be to have OCA maintaining such a platform...

On the contrary, I think it's better to separate the to things - one large repository with free none-payed modules just like or other (OCA for instance) and let other business models prosper (or not) at other places. If you google for Joomla themes you can find hundreds of marketplaces for that. The same goes for Drupal that have a lot of market places for paid modules and themes and one central place for only non paid modules strictly divided. If Odoo SA wants to build a marked place with paid modules let them do that, others will do that too. OCA can build The large repository with non paid modules and become the center of Odoo since Odoo SA doesn't want to have that role any more.


Anders Wallenquist
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 8:12 AM, OpenERP Master <> wrote:
What will the accountability be for paid apps? I have seen so many times developers write unbelievable crappy modules. With your marketplace must come trust. There are already a lot of modules on your 'apps' section but a lot of them no longer work, or are just garbage. Before people can see the code and see how bad it is and choose not to use it, now people will have to pay only to find out that their money is wasted on bad code.

Honestly, in my experience when I hear OpenERP or Odoo coupled with custom developers, it equals bad code generally. The quality of community code just isn't that good in a lot of what I have seen (not picking on anything specific).

There needs to be accountability of the developer, and a marketplace of quality and trust, and I see no way this will work if you just let anyone publish modules for sale with no kind of approval, review, certification, etc. The marketplace itself has a reputation along with the developer writing the modules

On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 10:59 AM, OpenERP Master <> wrote:
Already starting to see lots of people advertising closed source license fees. Super, super lame and disgusting. I refuse to work with any software that I cant modify. F that. You can shove that license fee and closed source.

My modules will come with a compliance check that will check to see if you have any closed source modules. If you have them, none of my code will function.

On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 7:58 AM, David Beal <> wrote:
@alexandre fayolle  +100

David BEAL - Akretion
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2015-05-15 10:17 GMT+02:00 Alexandre Fayolle <>:
On 12/05/2015 12:49, Alexandre Vandermeersch wrote:
>  1. It's about our ambition to have the best & most complete business 
> management software in the world - and it's a must have

Once upon a time, OpenERP / Odoo's ambition was to be the best *F/LOSS*
management software in the world. I felt I could help with that goal.

With the *F/LOSS* removed from the goal, as a member of the Odoo
community, let me say I do really feel I've been used and I'm being


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