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Re: Odoo v9 Paid Apps

- 05/20/2015 03:00:44
From all the open source (and closed) projects I've seen over my 30+ years of experience, it's rare that one with strong automated tests and near 100% code/branch coverage isn't head and shoulders above ones that don't have this. Certainly people will (correctly) argue that this alone doesn't guarantee code quality but the lack thereof generally does, if not guarantee, then at least strongly indicates, poor code quality in terms of extendability and reliability. 

Who in their right mind would deploy code into production that hasn't actually been executed? Answer: most developers! :-P

If you make it a policy that no code under 98% branch coverage gets into the store than you've gone a long way towards improving the quality of modules. Also unit and functional test code demonstrates excellent examples of how to use the code. It's always good when your documentation is executable. That ensures that it is in sync with the actual code it pretends to describe.

-- Ben Scherrey

On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 1:12 PM, OpenERP Master <> wrote:
What will the accountability be for paid apps? I have seen so many times developers write unbelievable crappy modules. With your marketplace must come trust. There are already a lot of modules on your 'apps' section but a lot of them no longer work, or are just garbage. Before people can see the code and see how bad it is and choose not to use it, now people will have to pay only to find out that their money is wasted on bad code.

Honestly, in my experience when I hear OpenERP or Odoo coupled with custom developers, it equals bad code generally. The quality of community code just isn't that good in a lot of what I have seen (not picking on anything specific).

There needs to be accountability of the developer, and a marketplace of quality and trust, and I see no way this will work if you just let anyone publish modules for sale with no kind of approval, review, certification, etc. The marketplace itself has a reputation along with the developer writing the modules

On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 10:59 AM, OpenERP Master <> wrote:
Already starting to see lots of people advertising closed source license fees. Super, super lame and disgusting. I refuse to work with any software that I cant modify. F that. You can shove that license fee and closed source.

My modules will come with a compliance check that will check to see if you have any closed source modules. If you have them, none of my code will function.

On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 7:58 AM, David Beal <> wrote:
@alexandre fayolle  +100

David BEAL - Akretion
Odoo Development / Integration

2015-05-15 10:17 GMT+02:00 Alexandre Fayolle <>:
On 12/05/2015 12:49, Alexandre Vandermeersch wrote:
>  1. It's about our ambition to have the best & most complete business 
> management software in the world - and it's a must have

Once upon a time, OpenERP / Odoo's ambition was to be the best *F/LOSS*
management software in the world. I felt I could help with that goal.

With the *F/LOSS* removed from the goal, as a member of the Odoo
community, let me say I do really feel I've been used and I'm being


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