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Re: Odoo Website - Add files

REUILLER Sébastien
- 05/19/2015 04:24:18
Thanks all!

I prefere Luke's method. Module "website_files" is exactly what i wanted.

I will check if there are no security issues with this module.

Thanks again.

Have a good day.

Sébastien Reuiller

2015-05-18 14:47 GMT+02:00 Luke Branch <>:
Hi Sebastian,

I have been working on something similar to extend website_sale to allow the attachment of files to product pages, however I haven't had the time to finish it yet.

You may want to check out this repository in the meantime though:

as I think this extends website with a method to attach files to the website.

Kind Regards,

Luke Branch

On 18 May, 2015, at 11:23 am, Sébastien REUILLER <> wrote:

Hi all,

I spent a lot of time to find a module that will allow me to add files on my website made with Odoo but I didn't find nothing.

Will there a solution to add (like images) downloadable files to my site?


Sébastien Reuiller

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