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Re: Odoo v9 Paid Apps

Eric Caudal (Odoo Community Association)
- 05/19/2015 03:17:31
Hi Rafael,
Fully agree. 

Let's not anticipate and/or speculate too much/any more on a situation which seems more related to a technical glitch on github than an evil wave of bad intentions...

Let's enjoy together the coming event and the fantastic new feature that Odoo v9 will bring us :)

2015-05-19 14:02 GMT+08:00 Raphaël Valyi <>:
Hello community,

in any case Antony promised us Odoo SA was about to apply some git filter and publish the master branch again and may be we should just believe Fabien good intention to stick to open source. Indeed, a positive news is that some branches related to new master are still being actively published by Odoo SA under the AGPL v3 open source license at the time I'm writing this!

So for instance, you can checkout this branch and you can see that the license used at this point is still AGPL v3 and it does contain the merges that have been mysteriously removed from the master branch and triggered the whole thread. So for instance it does contain the merge for the v9 accounting which s the merge Sylvain Legal was talking about I think:

So while we see that Odoo SA is still collecting community CLA on the v8 branch and will probably change the license of the core at some point as they announced it. But so far they didn't do it yet and may be we can just keep cool as far as the new devs are still being published (not just in this branch, in many) and that seems to include the important work with the accounting module which is rather positive I think. So it seems we will still have most of what will be presented during the Odoo experience about Odoo v9 being published under the AGPL license!

Also, as fellow Stefan Rijnhart noted, it seems that there is a process of garbage collection of these master branches (probably one they are merged) and it seems they are being continuously deleted. So in case you couldn't checkout the branch because of this, I made a cone on Github here for instance:
and here is the fantastic cleanup of the accounting module:

And you can see that it's still some serious work as it's nothing less than 367 commits atop of the saas-6 branch, touching 2644 files. Odoo SA is still doing some great work guy open source works!
and it's also 126 commits ahead of the public master branch!

It's not the first time Odoo SA communication is quite terrible, but as long as they keep doing open source as Fabien said, well I say business as usual. And as for the incompatibility with the proprietary modules to come, well this has been debated and decided by Odoo SA some 5 months ago already and it's unlikely to harm the existing AGPL ecosystem once some pedagogy is done. In any case the community can still rely on the OCA foundation as a fall back strategy if things were to go wrong and not every open source project have such a strong community behind, so no panic, everything will just go smooth.


On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 2:13 AM, robert rottermann <> wrote:
On 18.05.2015 22:07, Fabien Pinckaers wrote:
> Please, avoid FUD: our commitment to open source is not changed. Open source 
> is still on most of the pages and his very important to us.
i have been reading all the discussions very carefully,
but there is no FUD on the protesters side I could detect.

working for 5 years without salary does not protect against making mistakes.
nor does it help to fix them.


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