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Re: Odoo v9 Paid Apps

Anders Wallenquist
- 05/18/2015 03:46:16
Den 2015-05-18 00:12, Chris Jones skrev:
> I've seen mostly complaints but little in the way of suggestions for 
> what Odoo S.A. should do. For Odoo as a whole to survive and continue 
> to innovate we need Odoo S.A. to have a viable business model.
> That means they either start moving towards consulting, customization 
> and training which directly competes with partners, offer paid 
> modules, focus on SaaS offering or offers last line of defense tech 
> support. The fees they charge partners is nowhere near enough revenue 
> to pay for more than one or two employees.
> The fact that their SaaS offering doesn't support community modules 
> makes it a no go for 100% of my clients. Maybe they are making money 
> with it but I think it will be hard to keep clients on SaaS long term. 
> If SaaS was more flexible I would use it for my clients, instead I 
> host for them on cloud servers.
> So that leaves paid modules and support services. I've been using 
> Magento for years. I search for a free module if I find one great. If 
> not I'd rather pay $100 to buy one than $2500 having it built from 
> scratch. I like the possibility of being able to sell modules. If 
> partners had the financial incentive I believe we would see more well 
> documented and professional modules being released. I use a lot of 
> community modules and have released my own. Many don't work out of the 
> box and documentation is very poor. Look at Magento modules, 
> completely different experience.

It's not selling modules or themes that are a bad Idea, it's the licence 
mess. Magento and many other "Commercial" Open Source systems can sell 
modules using their FLOSS-licence and they don't have to move their 
community to use a less open licence.

Personally I don't think its a good idea that mix modules and themes 
with a price-tag in the same repository, it sends out the wrong message, 
but it could work as long all modules are GPL/AGPL.

> I don't much care if they call their modules Enterprise. I can explain 
> in 2 minutes to a client that the core is the same.
Personally again, I think it would be much better for Odoo SA using one 
eco-system and use the community as a resource to re-sell Odoo-offerings 
to our clients and contribute to all modules including hight end. 
Without help from the community Odoo will never have those modules 
translated to native languages and localized. They will never have 
specialists from the community to move those modules to the next level. 
Have a look at what languages you got Compiere translated to, or 
Magento. Compare that what you have for Odoo If you look at 
the Magento Swedish translation for Enterprise edition there are nearly 
none phrases that is translated at all. As long Odoo don't trust the 
community - their largest resource - the eco-system will be weak and the 
progress of the development of the product will be crippled. You can't 
be an open source company without leverage the mechanisms of FLOSS. Yes 
the grass could look greener at the other end of the spectra with 
licence funded development with a revenue shaped like a hockeystick in 
mind  - but you forget that the marketing, support and development cost 
will increase radically, that licence funding are like oil and water to 
a FLOSS-community - never to be combined.

No successfull FLOSS-companies has the services that their community 
(both inter-mediators and end users) want's to buy, does not dabble with 
"enterprise" editions or creates a licence mess, build their eco-system 
upon meritocracy rather than partner fees. Successful companies that 
know what they are doing cultivates the community, not dived it. They 
know that a good and active community will build their product and do 
the marketing for them so they can harvest the golden after market. 
Successful FLOSS-companies have their hockey-stick investing in the 
> As for paid tech support I would use that service if the price was 
> more reasonable. Charging 10 - 20x India prices is hard to swallow though.
On the contrary Odoo SA tech support would charge double or more as your 
local tech provider. They are the best suited to act as a second line 
support. They would encourage Indian support companies to do Odoo 
support and local companies in your hometown as well. You will buy cheep 
services for your Odoo-installation at a daily basis from local 
providers and expensive services from Odoo SA when its convenient and 
adds value.
> The US needs events like Magento puts on. It could be a source of 
> revenue for Odoo S.A. and great marketing for Odoo.
A good FLOSS-company does not run expensive campaigns, maybe they help 
their local community shape up their marketing, help their local 
inter-mediators to success as they know it will benefit for them too. 
With help from the community Odoo SA could have the largest marketing 
impact in the business with events in every bush world wide.


Anders Wallenquist

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