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Re: "The way to iOdoo"

Ermin Trevisan
- 05/16/2015 03:25:43
Thanks Xavier for that sound summary!

On 15.05.2015 14:17, Xavier Mallein wrote:
> As a community member, I carefully read all the emails and related
> sources. May I share a resume of my understanding of the Odoo SA reasons
> for the move from AGPL to LGPL and their strategy of developing Apps as
> Odoo SA Proprietary Apps.
> 1/ Odoo SA is pretexting FAKE justifications to move to LGPL : the
> benefits named in their blog post "adapting-our-open-source-license" and
> linked spreadsheet are FAKE for an OpenSource advocate point of view,
> and only serve the Odoo SA Goal.
> (
> 2/ In my point of view, the TRUE Odoo SA reasons and Goal are :
> - Odoo SA wants to accelerate their R&D to offer a Full ERP with
> integrated CMS and E-Commerce (there is a lot to do in R&D for CMS and
> E-commerce).
> - Odoo SA closed $10 Million in Funding to perform internal R&D and
> marketing (and will need more funding)
> - Odoo SA doesn't want to give the whole source codes of their V9 Saas
> Offer with greats CMS ans E-Commerce features, because they are afraid
> about competitors being able to make same offer (based on same code) at
> lower cost. Therefore, Odoo will developp all the coming greats features
> of V9 as ODOO SA PROPRIETARY Apps. Doing this, competitors will not have
> access to these Greats ODOO SA PROPRIETARY Apps, decreasing the risk of
> competition and securing the Return On Investissement for
> shareholders/Funders.
> - ODOO SA PROPRIETARY Apps will all be in the enterprise edition, and
> the gap between Community and Enterprise edition will very important.
> - Enterprise Edition with ODOO SA PROPRIETARY Apps, requires to move the
> core code from AGPL to LGPL license.
> - Odoo try to convince contributors to turn their AGPL modules into LGPL
> and give (for free) to Odoo SA wich will include them into their
> Enterprise Edition.
> 3/ In my point of view, the conclusion are :
> - The community will only be able to play/developp on community edition,
> and will not be able to perform new modules or vertical offer (as OCA
> did) from Enterprise Edition where all the great features will be.
> - Odoo SA thinks they can now continue the road alone with their
> Proprietary Apps (without AGPL modules from the community) and make a
> great proprietary software (developped internally)
> - Odoo SA will focus on the big market of Small Enterprises with Sass
> Offer.
> 4/ What is the place of the community in this future if the community
> wants to keep a strong community edition ?
> - Is the community able to reduce the gap between community and
> enterprise edition, by redevelopping the proprietary apps as AGPL ? a
> lot of work...
> - Is a community able to maintain a community edition, if Odoo close the
> code of the enterprise edition ? Needs a strong
> management/leadership/fondation...
> - What about the future of Vertical (as OCA did) ? is their still a
> future for industry solution based on community edition ?
> - How to continue and secure a return of investissement for the
> community point of view with a non fully opensource software ?
> This is a resume of my actual personnal understanding of the whole
> situation, personnal point of view and questions I wanted to share.
> Xavier

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