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Re: Prevent _prepare_bank_account on installing a accounting chart

Lambda Networks AS, Levent Karakaş
- 05/15/2015 16:37:11

Overriding will not even solve your problems since these accounts are used for creating bank journals later.

Similarly we need to create bank and cash accounts in different views and would be happy to find such a solution.

15 May 2015 19:33 tarihinde "Mathias Neef" <> yazdı:

Hey Community!

If i create a new chart of accunts as module, _prepare_bank_account automatically creates bank and cash account from the bank_account_view_id in the chart-template.
Based on the newly created bank and cash acoounts the journals are created with _create_bank_journals_from_o2m. Both functions are in account/

My qestion is: is there a way to set the bank and cash account for the _create_bank_journals_from_o2m without inheriting the above named functions, easiely within the chart template?

Thank you very much for helping.

Kind regards,

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