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Re: Odoo v9 Paid Apps

Libertus Solutions, Alan Bell
- 05/14/2015 14:44:33

On 14/05/15 19:13, Nicholas Burdick wrote:
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Can someone help clarify for me here?  As I understand AGPL (which admittedly isn't my expertise), any part of these modules that interact with the AGPL Odoo core and are also AGPL, isn't that correct? 
not quite, the test is whether something is a derived work. The licenses kind of have C in mind, where you have libraries that programs link to. In Python that is like importing a module, so if you import an AGPL module then your code is a derived work of that library and you have to follow the rules for including the efforts of the library developers as part of your application. There are other key words that are used, if free and non-free stuff is distributed together on the same CD then that is "mere aggregation" and that is fine, they are sitting side by side and nothing makes them derived works of each other. In the Odoo context modules are derived works of base and anything they import or depend on. There is IMHO no cause for two independent modules to be derived works of each other if they happen to be installed on the same Odoo platform. They would both be derived works of the LGPL Odoo, which is fine for both freedom loving AGPL modules and icky closed modules to be derived from.

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I guess I don't understand why people believe that paid modules go against the open source nature of Odoo?  The core of the system is still Open Source and a good chunk of these modules are going to be open source is well. 

well I can understand the concern, certainly. We tell our customers the dangers of closed proprietary software that holds you to ransom, can't be audited, restricts who can maintain it etc. We have a big long marketing pitch that tells customers the business benefits of software freedom and the significant risks they incur by using proprietary software. Software Freedom is the Unique Selling Point of Odoo (well it isn't entirely unique in that regard, there are a few Free Software ERP packages, but we are normally comparing against closed alternatives). If Odoo becomes open core with significant closed stuff it does harm the value proposition quite a lot.

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Would love to get the clarification, thanks.


On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 5:52 AM, Christophe Combelles <> wrote:

I can confirm that I already had negative or anxious feedback from customers very recently. The only way I can currently reassure them is by reminding them the guarantees of the current AGPL license and the fact that there is strong association now...

I also believe other technologies or communities will soon jump on the occasion of laughing and warning everybody of the currently taken direction :-(


Le 14 mai 2015 11:07:52 EEST, Stefan <> a écrit :
On 14-05-15 02:22, Anders Wallenquist wrote:
> >
> > Alexandre
> > ps: by the way I am not Putin but run the marketing for Odoo (which is
> > not a troll) ;-)
> Either you live in a parallel universe, or you are trying like Putin 
> deliberately convince us that a really bad strategy is nirvana using FUD 
> and distorted facts. You can not really claim that mixing free software 
> with closed other than lead to disaster and then see yourself in the 
> mirror without feeling any shame?

I'll say this: for us as an Odoo partner, Odoo becoming open source less
and less is a marketing disaster.


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