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Re: Odoo v9 Paid Apps

Stefan Rijnhart
- 05/14/2015 14:26:48
On 14-05-15 20:12, Nicholas Burdick wrote:
> All,
> Can someone help clarify for me here?  As I understand AGPL (which
> admittedly isn't my expertise), any part of these modules that
> interact with the AGPL Odoo core and are also AGPL, isn't that correct? 
> I guess I don't understand why people believe that paid modules go
> against the open source nature of Odoo?  The core of the system is
> still Open Source and a good chunk of these modules are going to be
> open source is well. 
> Would love to get the clarification, thanks.

Hi Nicholas,

Odoo SA has announced that Odoo will be relicensed as LGPL. This opens
the way for closed source apps. While you can also ask money for AGPL
apps, it is likely that most of the paid apps will be under a
restrictive license.

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