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Re: European banks for SEPA

Davide Corio, Davide Corio
- 05/14/2015 02:14:06
On 13/05/15 11:02, Carlos Liébana wrote:
> So my question: how does this works on your European Country? Can you
> abstract this bank code used for the matching with the account numbers
> from the BIC of your banks?

Hi Carlos (!! sorry... i named you Pedro the last time)

here in Italy you can extract the financial institution code (ABI) and 
the single bank agency (the actual office) code (CAB) from the IBAN.

And we have a complete list of ABI/CAB codes we can use to indentify the 
bank account in Odoo.

But there's no evidence of the BIC/SWIFT or just part of it inside the IBAN.

And, AFAIK, we don't have a map of ABI/CAB codes and BIC codes even if 
every single bank has its own BIC

Then i understand that Italy and Spain (at least) are in the very same 
situation (but the fact that here we have 2 codes we use to identify the 

Davide Corio