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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

- 05/13/2015 10:02:39
+1 to Anders (I can only agree)

If I recall correctly, the arguments starting this discussion was the possibility to sell modules and this is driving a change of the license agrement.  I might be wrong, but I believe Odoo SA will sell more modules under GPL license, but keep code open and not proprietary.  I can only see win-win and many supporters for such way forward. I think the alternative will be same function, module and code will be developed under open source in parallel.  If this function is general needed and today missing. In such case I do not see any winners! Open source is not same as cost free. Deciding IT system, implementing and maintaining is probably one of the bigger cost in any company. Now the general trend in IT strategy is the move toward open source systems.

Most important is to have the best value and  business proposition. One of the unique value today and probably argument is the fact that Odoo is open source. I would be very surprised if this has not been one of main argument and sales pitch for most of the Odoo partners and integrators as well as the good community support and many modules available.

For most companies, this type of system will never work of of the box. Small or big,  there are always some level of adaption needed for the specific business needs. Its the same with SAP or any system. I do not think anyone got a problem to buy a module, but the big strength will come from the big community that is actually facing daily and know the real business needs for every special business area and in many territories around the world. These expert will help to improve and to beat SAP in a few year time. Even today, most companies has never heard about odoo. So the potential is big for Odoo and Odoo SA.

Charge money for special modules but keep code open.  I do not believe a sticky licence system will benefit Odoo SA growth or a vibrant community support.


Anders Arod


Gunnar Wagner skrev den 2015-05-13 13:22:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">+1 to Anders (again)

I think it's not the right approach to try to find any workable solution to deal with this mess. Why would anybody who did not create this situation (Community, OCA) try to comply to the one that puts the fundamentals at stake (S.A.)
Did nobody ever hear the term "identification with the aggressor" before? That is in my eyes what trying to find whatsoever friendly compromise in order to satisfy the needs of S.A. in this matter basically comes down to.
First and foremost the Community should be clear that an attack is being conducted. And that does not require a 'friendly' response I think. The one being attacked should defend itself (or the idea that is to be protected).

On 5/13/2015 6:52 PM, Anders Wallenquist wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
Den 2015-05-12 18:39, Alan Bell skrev:
> On 12/05/15 15:58, Christophe Hanon wrote:
> > I think a licence checker based on dependencies would be great...
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Christophe
> >
> my favoured solution too, if we can all agree that in the context of
> Odoo, the best way to interpret the license in terms of the meaning of
> derivative works is through dependencies then it could be set so that
> pretty much anything can depend on LGPL modules, GPL or AGPL can depend
> on GPL modules and only AGPL modules can depend on AGPL modules. This
> dependency rule can be implemented in the code and we could have a
> facility to automatically provide the source
> of the AGPL bits.
> Can anyone see a downside to this?

Well to implement a licence hell are fundamental wrong. If Odoo SA wants 
that Odoo still be a star in free software area the cost of a licence 
hell will kill the community and the product in the long run. To "sell" 
Odoo to new customers you have to look at each module and calculate if 
they will fit together in a licence matter. To create a qoutation 
sometimes a couple of hundred modules have to work together. It's not 
enough that you know its right functionality and you know by experience 
it right for the case, you have to know if any of the other modules 
disqualifies the use of this module in this case. Even if you have 
automatic checks at installation time it will not work. You'll have to 
build the installation before you can create a quotation.

You have to educate your customer what modules they can use and what 
they cannot and why overtime when they want to grow theit business with 

No if Odoo shall remain as a free software product as we know it has to 
have compatible licences in all modules payed or not.

Odoo SA have lost the perspective in this new strategy, this is 
incorrigible stupid and amaturish. I understand what they want - but the 
implementation sucks.


Anders Wallenquist

> Alan.
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