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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

Libertus Solutions, Alan Bell
- 05/13/2015 08:17:20

On 13/05/15 11:53, Anders Wallenquist wrote:
> Den 2015-05-12 18:39, Alan Bell skrev:
> > Can anyone see a downside to this?
> Well to implement a licence hell are fundamental wrong. If Odoo SA wants
> that Odoo still be a star in free software area the cost of a licence
> hell will kill the community and the product in the long run. To "sell"
> Odoo to new customers you have to look at each module and calculate if
> they will fit together in a licence matter. To create a qoutation
> sometimes a couple of hundred modules have to work together. It's not
> enough that you know its right functionality and you know by experience
> it right for the case, you have to know if any of the other modules
> disqualifies the use of this module in this case. Even if you have
> automatic checks at installation time it will not work. You'll have to
> build the installation before you can create a quotation.
nope, completely wrong. Compatibility checks *only* happen on direct 
dependencies and you know those when you release a module. This has 
*nothing* to do with random modules being compatible with each other in 
an installation of hundreds of modules, that will always be fine. A 
module that *depends* on an AGPL module must be AGPL. That is in the 
'depends': line in the file of the module, if any of the 
things it depends on are AGPL then it must be AGPL. You don't find that 
problem at install time with some complex series of interacting modules, 
you just can't release the module at all if it is wrong because it 
simply won't work anywhere. All modules that work will work alongside 
each other, and will be license compatible to coexist in one instance. 
AGPL modules are protected from the scenario where a non-AGPL module 
depends on them - that isn't allowed. If base and a few of the central 
modules are LGPL.

> You have to educate your customer what modules they can use and what
> they cannot and why overtime when they want to grow theit business with
> Odoo.
nope, you just have to educate developers of closed source modules that 
they can't depend on AGPL stuff. Sucks to be them, but in this scenario 
the only people inconvenienced are developers who want to do closed stuff.
> No if Odoo shall remain as a free software product as we know it has to
> have compatible licences in all modules payed or not.
> Odoo SA have lost the perspective in this new strategy, this is
> incorrigible stupid and amaturish. I understand what they want - but the
> implementation sucks.
> Regard,
> Anders Wallenquist
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> > Alan.
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