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Odoo Tips & Tricks Videos

Ahmed Shaaban
- 05/13/2015 06:37:27

Here is my surprise :) 

I'm recording new advanced functional training videos "Odoo Tips & Tricks Training "

Here are the first two videos:-

1- Google Apps authentication with Odoo 8
2- Resupply product from another warehouse automatic (Internal Moves)

Also Soon I will release the full Training videos, Topics Samples:-

1- Set default value for specific Fields using Odoo interface.
2- Select Warehouse location from Sales Order form (Tricks)
3- How can you change catchall mail Id (Default) to another ID in case of replying to any email was sent from Odoo.

Please let me know your feedback and share any topic to be included in my training as "Odoo Tips & Tricks" :)

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