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RE: Protecting the Community

Azmina solutions FZE, odoo
- 05/13/2015 03:21:12

Reference to my message yesterday and few of the responses received so far.

I would like to add the following clarification:


·         The intention of the email is not to share the name, If I need to do so I would certainly include it in my original message. However I will share the name with individual who requested this from myself directly.

·         There is a need to protect the community from such individuals. I think we do need to find a professional way of doing so.

·         Judging recruitment or the nature of the email (as a black mail) has no justification!.. misunderstanding could always happen ..professionalism is to come to a common resolution, not to withdraw and insist on un ethical behaviors.



Hussein – Azmina Solutions.

From: Odoo - Azmina Solutions []
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 2:03 PM
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Subject: Protecting the Community


Wanted to share with the community recent negative experience that I had with one of the freelance Odoo developers.


Developer failed to deliver the committed requirements nor agreed to refund the money.


I will be happy to share the name and address of the developer for people interested in the same.

Thought of just warning the community careful of such people. I guess sharing such experience should help us in excluding people that would harm the community.



Hussein – Azmina Solutions.