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Re: Bitnami Cloud Hosting is a server management solution for Odoo ?

- 05/12/2015 07:45:24

I presented it here some weeks ago, I have a project to use Odoo as a Bitnami-like for managing your hosting infrastructure : Bitnami is a great solution and they open-source theirs stacks but not their orchestrator (which is their website). I want to do the same thing but with an entire open-source infrastructure, including the orchestrator, and with better interactions between the applications.

If you want to easily deploy a simple Odoo container, Bitnami is a good solution. If you want more robust and professional Odoo hosting without developing your own infra you shall have a look at Clouder. I still want to have reviews from other members of the OCA to have their thoughts about what has been done, I hope we will have this opportunity during the Odoo Experience event.


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Le 12/05/2015 12:12, Peter Langenberg a écrit :
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Is there somebody who has expirence with Bitnami ? Is it suited for odoo ?

Bitnami Cloud Hosting is a server management solution that makes it incredibly simple to launch and manage apps on Amazon Web Services. Users can launch all of the Bitnami application packages, build development environments, automate backups, resize servers, get real-time notifications and more

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