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Re: Odoo v9 Paid Apps

Anders Wallenquist
- 05/12/2015 03:45:15
Den 2015-05-11 21:02, Fabien Pinckaers skrev:
> Do we want to say to VOIP module customers: "You can not use OCA 
> modules because of license incompatibilities"?  No, the more people 
> use the OCA module the more the OCA will grow. (even if those guys 
> also use the VOIP module)
> Do we want to say to OCA users: "You can not use the VOIP module!"? If 
> they want, why would you force them not to do it? If you are against 
> paid modules, don't use it yourself, but don't restrict the others to 
> benefit from them.
Fabien, it's not the OCA who is the problem, your problem is that you 
got >5000 modules at and many more at and 
github and other places that is AGPL and is not OCA-modules and will be 
AGPL for many years ahead. Only on you have a list of 500 
companies that have contributed to Odoo. Only in Sweden we have regular 
contact with 50 more companies that have done contributions to Odoo and 
additional companies in Denmark, Norway and Finland not on that list. 
Each company that contribute to Odoo are responsible to one or a large 
quantity of end users using Odoo.

You try to speak with OCA as one entity because it's convenient, but 
this is not the reality. You have pointed at AGPL for six years now and 
to move from that will take time and with the closed source-approach 
maybe never happen. There are just a small if any incitements for 
contributors to change the licence on their investments to a licence 
they not trust. Maybe it should have been GPLv2 instead of AGPL, but 
AGPL are what you have today.

You look at all those modules not compatible with closed source as a 
problem. As long as you don't work with all those contributions and 
contributors as a valuable asset you will cripple Odoo in whole. Some 
people would say that those assets are the most valuable asset for a 
company like Odoo and cost the most to replace. It's not the source code 
for core that are most valuable, its all end users and consultants 
around the world that are willing to contribute and enhance your product 
and widen your procucts user base - human resources. An Enterprise Odoo 
without thousands of modules and without localizations are worth 
nothing. Who do you think will contribute with hours of their own time 
to translate your closed source modules to their native language? Your 
competitors are already localized and well translated, so who will buy 
that product?


Anders Wallenquist
> My 2 cents,
> Fabien
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