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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

Fakrudeen Abbaz
- 05/12/2015 02:04:03

It's really great discussions and got good understanding of AGPL,LGPL

OCA  is right in the terms of commitment they have to the community and ethics they follow. It's really appreciated their stand. So OCA  AGPL modules will continue as it is and it should be compatible  with  V9 and future versions. OCA  stand is clear.

Fabien is right in his business point  he want protect the interest of the investors  and Odoo SA. He want to use LGPL. But you cannot  insist others/OCA to follow the same to compatible with  paid apps not acceptable at all
Moreover community and customers are afraid of these discussions. Because  in future there is possibility  to close  the  code and make it proprietary software  ( n number of real  cases  we have).

My Humble  proposal is

Odoo base  (AGPL)+  Paid Apps (LGPL)+ OCA (AGPL )modules.

Paid apps will be change to AGPL after its reached minimum guarantee amount or 18 months whichever is lesser.

And It's a an opportunity to partners to sell their products and showcase their capabilities in the public in a very secure way.
Believe me,  if all agree this proposal no more private modules will exist. And we are  going to know the real strength of Odoo as a full ERP with modules run all over the world.

I have discussed many customers and they are not going to migrate from V8 to V9  immediately they don't mind waiting 1.5 years to use these modules
If it that much good, even they are ready to  pay for it. I convinced them that the cost of development and maintenance is high so Odoo need to survive. I think it's reasonable and logical
No one can say spend time for others without paying.

In my experience  even I am not able to produce a clean Final reports from V8 after the migration due its non matured modules, and not in a hurry to go for V9

Only new customers going for V9  and Odoo saas customers.
I feel the proposed model will not effect our existing customers. And we can keep our commitment and convince the customers easily.

After all it should be AGPL open source and keep our commitment to open source allways. No more vendor locks

Fabien if the decision because of stake holders and VC  investments. List Odoo SA shares in public in a day it will be sold out whatever amount/ premium it is, because we need Odoo SA as it is and want see Fabien as a true open source promoter.

Fakrudeen Abbaz
+ 971 55 66 77 001
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On May 12, 2015 8:03 AM, "Raphaël Valyi" <> wrote:

I see that instead of discussing about the fact that the effective master repository has been secretly hidden fro the public for several week (so under the pretext of cross commit glitches with non open source modules), the topic is drifting toward discussing the license of the OCA modules. IMHO this is a discussion that already happened deeply and both the community and Odoo SA have been deeply informed about the middle and long term consequences of changing Odoo core license (remember these censored emails on the partner list 3 months ago?) and yet they decided to proceed...

I also remember that Odoo SA said that if contributors accepted to sign a CLA to change the license to LGPL, Odoo SA wouldn't close the source code for several months instead of what they would eventually do (along with massive pseudo rewriting) if contributors didn't accept to give up their copyrights. This is why the OCA presented it as a good trade-off on its blog:

Some of us asked Odoo SA to change their CLA to allow relicensing further only to an open source license but they refused and Antony Lesuisse said explicitely on Twitter Odoo SA reserved their right to relicense to anything (open or closed):
So we didn't get a new CLA and people could only "TRUST" Odoo SA announced good intentions to stick to open source.
For those who believed them, these announced good intentions seem to cash somewhat already with the secret removal from the effective public master branch as it has been discovered by the community recently...

Finally, I personally think people who never moved a finger to support the OCA don't have any word to say about OCA module licensing,
You don't like what OCA does stick to the official modules, pay for closed modules tested by 6 people if you like that in the future, that's fine.
We are not interested about your opinion guys, you represent nothing for us. Especially as OCA licensing is not moving but just staying what is used to be, with a successful sustainable and growing business model. On the contrary, we told our opinion about the licensing of the core codebase because it was changing and because we had supported its construction both in term of code/bugfix contributions and financially over several years.


On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 9:53 PM, OpenERP Master <> wrote:
Some of the people posting in this thread are hardcore OpenERP guys since the beginning and represent some of the most well known names in the community and they have devoted a good portion of their professional career to this software. They have also produced some of the best known modules in use today so I respect anything they have to say, although sometimes there is a lot of passion in their words to put it lightly.

I think the issue is the core of what OpenERP was and is, and this move is an attack on the foundation of where we are today so they wont be silenced easily.

On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 4:59 PM, Alan Bell <> wrote:

On 11/05/15 21:08, Fabien Pinckaers wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">


   => It seems that may be, if no OCA module extend a private apps AND no private apps extend OCA module, the viral clause of the AGPL doesn't apply. If that's true => End of the story, there is no more trouble.

That would be a good solution for everyone. It fits OCA needs, the interest of the users and Odoo SA needs.

If it's possible, that's great!
It is perfectly possible for Odoo to have a license that clarifies the meaning of "linking" in the particular context and the intent of any viral nature of anything going on. Wordpress got some clarification around themes and plugins: which is a similar situation.
My feeling is that modules are a derivative work of Odoo core, but Odoo core is not a derivative of the modules, and modules are not typically derivatives of other modules (unless they extend each other)

<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

I think its the solution we should investigate. Even if it does not work at the license level, this may be fixed by an addendum to the license or a public statement. It woud look like:

    "Despite the AGPL restrition, OCA publicly allow any Odoo user to use OCA apps, even if
    the instance contains non AGPL compatible modules. But OCA does not accept that
    someone develops a non open source modules that depends on an existing OCA module"

The "Despite the AGPL restrition" clause may not even be necessary. (I don't think so, but let's check) We have to find a way to make it legal, but it looks like it satisfies everyone interest.
not sure I would make it OCA specific, or put the onus on OCA to make any statements, my suggestion would be to have a license field on the ir.module.module object and for AGPL licensed modules have a mechanism for downloading a zip of that currently running module. Secondly, forbid module dependencies that are incompatible with the license, so Odoo would not allow a non-AGPL module to depend on an AGPL module. This way compliance with the AGPL source code availability just works, even if you tweak the code and the intent of the AGPL is preserved - it stays free and open.

<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

At least we share a common direction. We just need to find a way to legalize it. --> I propose to discuss the final solution at the community days.

Note that you should have see to that before starting this thread ;)

Have a look at the thread, I answered to Eric's thread that announced incompatibilities between Enterprise and OCA. I answered by proposing a solution to collaborate VS a competition (your solution would do the same result if its possible)


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