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Re: Odoo v9 Paid Apps

Anders Wallenquist
- 05/11/2015 18:59:36
Den 2015-05-11 21:02, Fabien Pinckaers skrev:
> I think I should share a real example with the community.
> 4 months ago, we released our first paid app (VOIP module) as a test:

You have removed the bad rating for the module.

It seems that you sold six modules, eg 2394 EUR . How much cooperation 
from the community do you have lost? How much trust have you lost from 
customers and community?

I got a call from a customer today that invested 40 000 EUR in Odoo 
development last year that told us they stop any further investment in 
Odoo. They will not invest  a cent in Odoo this year and looking for 
other solutions. I spoke earlier today to another Odoo user that have 
moved from OpenBravo to Odoo when OpenBravo started with 
"enterprise"-version they too are discussing moving away.

> The revenue is growing more month over month and, today, the VOIP 
> module's revenue is nearly at a level of a full time developer salary. 
> It's great because this revenue allows pay one developer full time to 
> develop more Odoo Apps.
Yes, you can sit in the cathedral and develop more modules until your 
funds dries out.

> Is it bad for the customer? I don't think so, most of them are happy 
> to get a great module for a few hundred dollars.

We have all those years told our customers that closed source are a bad 
idea. Do you think they trust us when we change this overnight?

> Is it bad for the community? No. If they don't like this module, they 
> just don't buy it. They can even build their own open source, like 
> this one:

You have a funny idea about the community, why wouldn't we buy or resell 
a good product or service? You got overfunded when you tried 
crowdfunding. You could have had you crm_voip-module crowdfunded and the 
released it as AGPL, 2394 EUR  would take you ten minutes.

> Is it bad for partners? An extra revenue stream for partners that 
> contribute a lot would be great. Most partners can't even assign a 
> full time developer building modules that serve the community as a 
> whole or to upgrade their own module. Most of them are only dedicated 
> to customer project, not on "generic" modules.
There are several projects that produces generic modules, usually its a 
better idea to invest in something that attracts others to help refine 
in the future and thats generic functionality. Yes its true we have to 
build the modules our customer pay us to do.

But even with a enterprise-version our local customers will not benefit 
a localized version of Odoo. We have invested several thousands of man 
hours in localization for the Swedish audience. Mostly unfunded because 
a single customer are not willing to bear that kind of cost and Odoo are 
useless without them. The competition provides it for free and we cant 
even begin to compete without them. I believe its the same in the other 
284 countries in the world except Belgium.
> Do we want to say to VOIP module customers: "You can not use OCA 
> modules because of license incompatibilities"?  No, the more people 
> use the OCA module the more the OCA will grow. (even if those guys 
> also use the VOIP module)
> Do we want to say to OCA users: "You can not use the VOIP module!"? If 
> they want, why would you force them not to do it? If you are against 
> paid modules, don't use it yourself, but don't restrict the others to 
> benefit from them.
Customers that have choosen Odoo as free software will say that they 
only can use OCA-modules because its the only modules they can trust. 
Modules from core can disappear in the next version (document_ftp, 
caldav, and a long list), if they depends on them it will be a large 
unwanted cost.

If you want to do this move you have to ditch most of your customers and 
a large portion of the community for a new one. Oracle have a 
dissatisfied community, maybe you can attract them? Maybe its worth 2394 


Anders Wallenquist
> My 2 cents,
> Fabien
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