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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

Fabien Pinckaers
- 05/11/2015 16:04:11

   => It seems that may be, if no OCA module extend a private apps AND no private apps extend OCA module, the viral clause of the AGPL doesn't apply. If that's true => End of the story, there is no more trouble.

That would be a good solution for everyone. It fits OCA needs, the interest of the users and Odoo SA needs.

If it's possible, that's great!

I think its the solution we should investigate. Even if it does not work at the license level, this may be fixed by an addendum to the license or a public statement. It woud look like:

    "Despite the AGPL restrition, OCA publicly allow any Odoo user to use OCA apps, even if
    the instance contains non AGPL compatible modules. But OCA does not accept that
    someone develops a non open source modules that depends on an existing OCA module"

The "Despite the AGPL restrition" clause may not even be necessary. (I don't think so, but let's check) We have to find a way to make it legal, but it looks like it satisfies everyone interest.

At least we share a common direction. We just need to find a way to legalize it. --> I propose to discuss the final solution at the community days.

Note that you should have see to that before starting this thread ;)

Have a look at the thread, I answered to Eric's thread that announced incompatibilities between Enterprise and OCA. I answered by proposing a solution to collaborate VS a competition (your solution would do the same result if its possible)