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OpusVL, Nuria Arranz-Velazquez
- 05/11/2015 09:47:07
Hi George,

Odoo doesn't have that functionality, which is the reason why my company decided to develop a multi-website cms. It is quite complete, but it is not open source.

We developed it as a project for a Hotel Management company, where each of the hotels would need their own website. It was a very interesting project, developed in perl.

We also developed a multidirectional API for another project that works with Odoo to give us the facility to use the power of Odoo to store and maintain data collected from other systems that had been developed in PHP (although the language of the other systems wasn't relevant for the communication).

Odoo's own API was very good, but we went a step further because we ended up having to connect an order assigning system to Odoo, and then wonder if we could add specific supplier-users portals to it.

So because of how we developed both tools, we ended up opening up a number of possibilities to our customers, with or without Odoo (although our preference is with Odoo).

I'm not sure if you would be interested.


On 11/05/15 13:56, George Sowah wrote:
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hello community,

can anyone assist me on how to develop in Odoo's multiple websites. i have several domains and want each to have its own url.

i have already install the website multi module which is different from the website builder.

George Sowah

Systems Administrator


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