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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

Antony Lesuisse (al)
- 05/11/2015 05:49:22
My question was: Would you and your customers be happy to release to the 
public all the source code (even modules that are too specific/hackish to be 
useful to anyone else) running a publically reachable Odoo server ?

In your mariage between LocomotiveCMS and Odoo, you use the fact that it's an 
rpc layer not linking to avoid publishing the AGPL Odoo modules to visitors of 
the website, am i right ?

On 05/11/2015 04:03 AM, Raphaël Valyi wrote:
> Hello Antony,
> I'm sad that you try to imply we Akretion would be running non AGPL compliant
> code. Be sure that it's in all our contracts that our Odoo modules are AGPL
> with a link to the license in the contract. Especially because we once had a
> US customer (3 years ago) who seem to believe he could closed source one of
> our e-commerce developments and we never wanted that kind of ambiguity again,
> so we just wrote it down in our standard quote. Check out our website, we
> never market anything our customer cannot download. None of our customer ERP's
> are used by people outside their company without having all the code modules
> published.
> Sorry but I call this pure FUD. No really, like Camptocamp and many other
> successful integrators, our customers pay us to do hours of engineering or
> consulting for them. We eventually have maintenance contracts with hosting but
> it's less than 10% of our revenues.
> Look, a license is a license and I don't think you need to try to make the
> community cry about your financial situation to justify attacking the license.
> Several of us at Akretion also love a MIT license.
> BUT, one thing is to start a project under a MIT license (the very exact
> opposite of AGPL) and let everybody know the terms and adapt their business or
> their use to it. And a very different thing is to fake that the project is
> radically copyleft like GNU/Linux, take advantage of an incredible community
> work that multiplied your audience and product features by orders of magnitude
> and then try to hijack the social contract on how this works at your sole
> advantage. It's a bit like you take a wife to which you promise you will be
> faithful and later you think it would actually be more advantageous to cheat
> on her (taking a spring metaphor). Now yes, you can eventually also divorce
> your community instead but think twice.
> I used the term "hijack" because not only you pressure the contributors to
> sign a CLA to change the license of the core, but more perversely Odoo SA is
> now trying to convince the community organized under the OCA to change the
> license of their own projects just to please your latest business
> elucubrations. Just to be clear for everybody here, just the OCA codebase is
> more than 2 or 3x larger than the code from Odoo SA in the core and we do
> fight lines of code through public reviews...
> Always the CMS justification. That great CMS that your marketing campaigns
> presented like they would have made both Drupal and Magento obsolete! Once
> again, it's just too obvious what kind of megalomaniac product vision mismatch
> leaded you to your business situation instead of the licensing reasons you are
> now pretexting.
> So that great CMS was the justification to attack the license of the whole
> project?? But wait a minute, 4 or 5 month later you didn't delivered even a
> third of these CMS themes promised by the Indiegogo campaign!! And we should
> believe here that the incredible commercial success of all these CMS modules
> is a valid reason to change the license of all the ecosystem that is growing
> steadily without any issue??
> Follow our work at Akretion you will see that we are able to marry Odoo and
> the revolutionary LocomotiveCMS without any data duplication (no connector)
> which is under your MIT favorite license and allow any commercial extension
> WITHOUT having to hurt the AGPL license of Odoo and its community (because
> it's not shared objects, static linking into the same process, it's just
> consuming messages from a REST API). I even proposed it as a community days
> last year but strangely it has been rejected...
> And soon we will launch e-commerce prototypes based on it, again reusing many
> great existing open source libs from the successful Shopify e-commerce without
> re-inventing the wheel.
> IMHO this is the right attitude: ADAPT to the license constraints, the
> contract you established with your community and your customers, not try to
> find pretexts to change it because may be you were probably a bit too easy to
> spend other's money in a model that may not return enough cash as an afterthought.
> But again Odoo does what it wants on its own codebase. We were even kind
> enough to sign you that CLA to do it, so you see... But don't ask us to change
> the license of our own projects please and don't try to imply we would be
> cheating on the license too: WE DON'T, WE JUST ADAPT TO IT. Every license have
> advantages and shortcomings, we are not fool enough to forget about the
> advantages when having to deal with the few shortcomings we always knew about.