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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

Antony Lesuisse (al)
- 05/11/2015 05:37:49
"interacting with the software through the network" an HTTP request is an 
interaction with the software. You send input through the network the software 
process it and transmit a reply trough the network. The license provide no 
semantic on the usefulness of the interaction.

But imagine i'm wrong, let's say it's bullshit and the login page does not 
imply a "real" interaction. Even then every employee of the company is 
entitled to ask for it and publish it, even when they are fired.

On 05/11/2015 10:48 AM, Alexandre Fayolle wrote:
> On 11/05/2015 02:57, Antony Lesuisse wrote:
>> In practice many people run closed source modules. i'm sure even Akretion does
>> it, the Odoo servers of theirs customers are probably running on a public ip,
>> i can visit the page (at least the login page) i'm thus entitled to ask for
>> the source code of ALL modules. CMS worsened to problem.
>> I'm entitled to ask the source code of every module of every Odoo server
>> listening on a public ip. Does akretion wish that ? (Akretion is just an
>> example, it's valid for every partner).
>> No akertion doesnt want you to get all that code, they want to share SOME of
>> it. AGPL makes no sense for a software that is modular, has to be customized
>> for very specific use cases and is reachable on internet. That's the reason we
>> had the private use exception.
> This is BS.
> I don't know specifically about Akretion. As far as Camptocamp is concerned:
> 1. our customers' instances are typically not reachable over a public IP
> address.
> 2. the customer specific code is released under AGPL to the customer. If
> he chooses to change partners for maintainance, he has the source code,
> and the new partner is allowed to modify and redistribute the code
> Regarding your statement in the 1st paragraph, I don't believe being
> able to access the login page of the server makes you eligible to
> requestiong the source code for all modules in the instance. Only users
> being able to "interact with the software through the network" can do
> that, and my reading is that performing a dictionary attack on the login
> page does not qualify as "interacting with the software".
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