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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 05/10/2015 21:57:01
Hello Antony,

I'm sad that you try to imply we Akretion would be running non AGPL compliant code. Be sure that it's in all our contracts that our Odoo modules are AGPL with a link to the license in the contract. Especially because we once had a US customer (3 years ago) who seem to believe he could closed source one of our e-commerce developments and we never wanted that kind of ambiguity again, so we just wrote it down in our standard quote. Check out our website, we never market anything our customer cannot download. None of our customer ERP's are used by people outside their company without having all the code modules published.

Sorry but I call this pure FUD. No really, like Camptocamp and many other successful integrators, our customers pay us to do hours of engineering or consulting for them. We eventually have maintenance contracts with hosting but it's less than 10% of our revenues.

Look, a license is a license and I don't think you need to try to make the community cry about your financial situation to justify attacking the license. Several of us at Akretion also love a MIT license.

BUT, one thing is to start a project under a MIT license (the very exact opposite of AGPL) and let everybody know the terms and adapt their business or their use to it. And a very different thing is to fake that the project is radically copyleft like GNU/Linux, take advantage of an incredible community work that multiplied your audience and product features by orders of magnitude and then try to hijack the social contract on how this works at your sole advantage. It's a bit like you take a wife to which you promise you will be faithful and later you think it would actually be more advantageous to cheat on her (taking a spring metaphor). Now yes, you can eventually also divorce your community instead but think twice.

I used the term "hijack" because not only you pressure the contributors to sign a CLA to change the license of the core, but more perversely Odoo SA is now trying to convince the community organized under the OCA to change the license of their own projects just to please your latest business elucubrations. Just to be clear for everybody here, just the OCA codebase is more than 2 or 3x larger than the code from Odoo SA in the core and we do fight lines of code through public reviews...

Always the CMS justification. That great CMS that your marketing campaigns presented like they would have made both Drupal and Magento obsolete! Once again, it's just too obvious what kind of megalomaniac product vision mismatch leaded you to your business situation instead of the licensing reasons you are now pretexting.

So that great CMS was the justification to attack the license of the whole project?? But wait a minute, 4 or 5 month later you didn't delivered even a third of these CMS themes promised by the Indiegogo campaign!! And we should believe here that the incredible commercial success of all these CMS modules is a valid reason to change the license of all the ecosystem that is growing steadily without any issue??

Follow our work at Akretion you will see that we are able to marry Odoo and the revolutionary LocomotiveCMS without any data duplication (no connector) which is under your MIT favorite license and allow any commercial extension WITHOUT having to hurt the AGPL license of Odoo and its community (because it's not shared objects, static linking into the same process, it's just consuming messages from a REST API). I even proposed it as a community days last year but strangely it has been rejected...
And soon we will launch e-commerce prototypes based on it, again reusing many great existing open source libs from the successful Shopify e-commerce without re-inventing the wheel.

IMHO this is the right attitude: ADAPT to the license constraints, the contract you established with your community and your customers, not try to find pretexts to change it because may be you were probably a bit too easy to spend other's money in a model that may not return enough cash as an afterthought.

But again Odoo does what it wants on its own codebase. We were even kind enough to sign you that CLA to do it, so you see... But don't ask us to change the license of our own projects please and don't try to imply we would be cheating on the license too: WE DON'T, WE JUST ADAPT TO IT. Every license have advantages and shortcomings, we are not fool enough to forget about the advantages when having to deal with the few shortcomings we always knew about.


On Sun, May 10, 2015 at 10:03 PM, Antony Lesuisse <> wrote:
Yes at the moment that private branch contains merged enterprise modules and 
other commits, i need to carefully git-filter-branch it before i can push it 
to odoo master again. I think i clearly explained that in my first mail.

On 05/10/2015 06:38 PM, Sylvain LE GAL wrote:
> Hi all,
> *@Fabien Pinckaers*
> If I understood correctly you propose an enterprise version that contents :
> _Open Core_ + _Open Addons_ + _Extra paid modules _
> *Technicaly*
> _Open Core_ + _Open Addons_ are in : (as currently)
> _Extra paid modules_ will be in : (new project)
> I so don't understand why this PR  has
> been moved in enterprise version as mentionned in comments.
> This PR is a technical PR that impact Core and Open Modules (decimal_precision
> (1 file),
> website (2 files), website_version (1 file) and core / base (11 files))
> Did you forcast to fork all Odoo Project with :
> * a Community version without latest improvements (like API improvments for
> exemple in this PR)
> * an Enterprise version with all the latest work ?
> If yes, it doesn't match with your equations :
> Open Source = Community + OCA
> Enterprise  = Community + OCA + Paid Apps
> Thanks for your clarification and see you in 3 weeks !
> Kind regards.
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> 2015-05-10 16:38 GMT+02:00 Anders Wallenquist <
> <>>:
>     Den 2015-05-10 14:03, Stefan skrev:
>     > On 10-05-15 13:42, Samuel Lefever wrote:
>     > >
>     > > Hello community,
>     > >
>     > >
>     > > I m quite new as a company in Odoo business but I m working in the
>     > > community for several years.
>     > > And now, thanks to OCA members, I really understand why OCA modules
>     > > should not be under LGPL licences.
>     > >
>     > > But, I do not understand why I can not use entreprise Odoo module and
>     > > OCA module on the same instance.
>     > > Maybe be I skipped a mail… Someone could be kind enough to reexplain
>     > > or point a old explanation for me?
>     >
>     > We don't know the exact license of the enterprise Odoo, but by necessity
>     > it has to contain a clause that prevents redistribution. AGPL by
>     > definition is only compatible with code that it is allowed to 'infect',
>     > so that the whole body of code can be redistributed under the terms of
>     > the AGPL itself. Therefore, code that falls under the one license cannot
>     > be combined with the other.
>     You are probably right but in other communities, Drupal for instance, it
>     does work well with paid modules distributed by GPL-licence with
>     redistribution clause intact. Usually an end user, that is the target
>     for those paid modules, are not a heavy redistributor.
>     Regads,
>     Anders Wallenquist
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