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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

Stefan Rijnhart
- 05/10/2015 07:59:06
On 10-05-15 13:42, Samuel Lefever wrote:
> Hello community,
> I m quite new as a company in Odoo business but I m working in the
> community for several years.
> And now, thanks to OCA members, I really understand why OCA modules
> should not be under LGPL licences.
> But, I do not understand why I can not use entreprise Odoo module and
> OCA module on the same instance.
> Maybe be I skipped a mail… Someone could be kind enough to reexplain
> or point a old explanation for me?

We don't know the exact license of the enterprise Odoo, but by necessity
it has to contain a clause that prevents redistribution. AGPL by
definition is only compatible with code that it is allowed to 'infect',
so that the whole body of code can be redistributed under the terms of
the AGPL itself. Therefore, code that falls under the one license cannot
be combined with the other.

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