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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

Eric Caudal (Odoo Community Association)
- 05/09/2015 22:07:11
It is not that simple Nohmar: you can test the paid apps module but you would probably never be able to use them in your implementations as you would have the OCA modules in them as well...

2015-05-10 3:52 GMT+08:00 Nhomar Hernández <>:

2015-05-09 14:27 GMT-05:00 Fabien Pinckaers <>:
For me, it's clear that we should follow the second option and work together on a compatible approach, rather than a competitive one. But it's a choice the OCA have to do because it's related to their modules (AGPL --> LGPL)

@fabien - Some points regarding this.

I can put AGPL my extension of an LGPL module, and that's what OCA promote.


I can decide ask for include in OCA an LGPL module also.

It means actually what you can not do is convert a OCA module to LGPL (the contrary orden) because it will brake our ecosystem.

I think it is a matter of perception, but I think actually we do not MUST convert to LGPL to be compatible with your offer, we must stay in AGPL because we strongly beleive that this is the best one to protect our investment.

It means, I thin as we are actually 2 things can happen, or

1.- Mix your model (which conceptually looks good) with you respecting to not re-develop (duplicate work) on what is done in OCA "just because it is AGPL" and simply contribute a little to our enviroment allowing a fully LGPL base (OCA should use AGPL [recommended] for all modules, but we can receive website module LGPL which is good), and we can make the same respectful behave.

2.- You can decide continue saying they are "incompatibles 100%" (which they are not), and wait for a fork (which is bad for everybody).

It is clear, if

I buy for example an enterprise and develop an extension to VoIP module, it is more convenient put freely available LGPL (because the base one is LGPL + NDA).

I can decide buy a privative module (no access to source code), and be disabled to make extension (it is my decision).

I think (and what is the problem here) the problem is the model sold now, after several years of sell that "Is good be open, is bad be closed", Now we are saying "Is good be open BUT you can leech the system closing what you want (LGPL)".

I do not think one is worst than other, just that in OCA (well at least from my PoV) we promote "collaboration" and that position must be pushing always to everybody work Openly.

On your side you will push to people to both "Work openly and buy you services" which is good, but not contrary to our vision.

It mean (at least in the company I represent).

  1. We will continue buying enterprises (Because I like have access to all the code and I did before and I will do it in the future).
  2. We will continue opening what I think is good in AGPL.
  3. We will put some feature LGPL (to test the scenario).
  4. We will sell some apps (to test the model).
  5. We will continue mantaining what is already AGPL - AGPL and think case by case about the LGPL ones, and under OCA umbrella.
  6. We will try to sell the idea of a collaborative spirit (collaborative commercailly with Odoo and other editors (oca members most of them)).
  7. We will continue critizicing what is bad in any service I but (your of from others) directly with the person I buy from.

Saludos Cordiales

CEO at Vauxoo Odoo's Gold Partner.
Nhomar Hernandez

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