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Re: v8: When do you HAVE to use multiple Warehouses (instead of multiple locations)

Pedro M. Baeza
- 05/08/2015 19:08:35
I would suggest you to use different warehouses when the concept of resupplying is needed: you need to make a special move to have available the goods to serve them, or it impacts in your business needs: it's not the same to serve the goods from one warehouse or the other.

In other cases, you can use different locations to diferentiate where the goods at located, but for you business needs, it doesn't matter where it is. You can serve it from any location.


2015-05-09 0:53 GMT+02:00 Ray Carnes - Implementation Strategy <>:

I am trying to understand when in Odoo v8, you HAVE to use multiple warehouses:


For example, I can setup:


WHA – Locations A1,A2,A3

WHB – Locations B1,B2,B3




WH – Locations WHA, A1, A2, A3, WHB, B1, B2, B3


Is anyone clear on when you HAVE to do the first, rather than the second?

I had a quick look at and it seems to suggest you don’t need locations at all unless you have routes.



Ray Carnes.


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