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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

Houssine BAKKALI
- 05/08/2015 04:53:31
Support? Are you talking about fixes never been merged?

If all can agree about the level of expertise of Odoo consultant and the product... Which partner never struggled with the support, tempting to explain them what going wrong and how going wrong with serveral mails echange to finally get a patche that is never merged nor the problem fixed by another fix... This is why OCB exists... We can also talk about the SLA... two days to just open a bug, then one week to give a bad fix... this is not alway the case hopefully but when it happen to you and that your customer is stucked... you just fix the code by yourself and finish by never open a bug to Odoo SA support... Not ideal for sure but at least it makes your customer happy to be able to run his business...

Most of the bugs could have been avoided if Odoo SA didn't release the Odoo RC2 as the official version 8... even if it's a great product those who choose to migrate in november or decemeber 2014 were a bit fucked up front of the customers...

The migration is not straight forward neither, the partner need also to work a lot on the process without being able to bill all the time spent...

Those two services could be a high added value for the partner and the customer if they was improved and they need to be improved if Odoo want to make a bigger part of his revenue on it... which was the first business model... make it simpler for the partner and a clear pricing how many princing change in the last two years?? The last one is finally an improvment compared to the 35€ per user but sorry you've created a big confuse in the head of partners and their customers... Investing so much in marketing and creating at the same time so much confusing... Sorry Odoo your are creating the FUD by yourself...

I think this tackling these points will convince ghost partners to become officials and make them offer support contract to their customers..

So now let's move forward by offering a great a product (thanks to OCA addons) and giving straight services with a fair price (I think we're getting it for on premise support for Europe and North America countries)...

2015-05-08 10:20 GMT+02:00 Martin Trigaux <>:
To complete, don't forget that the difference between Enterprise and
Community version is not only the new features. For instance you will
also get support and migration (that may be more important than features
for some companies).
Presenting it as a "pack of feature" is reducing the benefit only to the
new modules.

On 08/05/15 08:44, Antony Lesuisse wrote:
> Take gitlab for example
> Does gitlab community looks like a stripped down version ? Or Mariadb 
> Enterprise, does vanilla mariadb looks like a stripped down SQL database.
> Enterprise edition include advanced features that some customers might find 
> desirable and it makes the value proposition very clear.
> We planned to publish a page with description of the features that will be 
> available in enterprise like the gitlab comparaison. Those web pages have yet 
> to be written as it was scheduled for the Odoo Experience.
> On 05/08/2015 02:34 AM, Stephen Mack wrote:
>> Any thought about being more descriptive with the naming to avoid confusion?
>> If the Enterprise edition is simply a bundle of modules why make it sound like
>> the core is different.
>> I fully support Odoo making paid modules but then why not name it "Enterprise
>> Feature Pack" or "Enterprise Add-on" or anything to signify that the Odoo core
>> is not involved.
>> Odoo Community addition sounds like a stripped down, vanilla version of Odoo
>> Enterprise addition.
>> I really want odoo to succeed but please don't add fuel to the fire.  Proudly
>> present Odoo as a strong product and then confidently charge for Enterprise
>> Module Features.
>> Just my two cents.  I really don't want to be explaining the difference of the
>> two versions for years in the forums.
>> Humbly,
>> --Stephen
>> On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 10:42 AM, Antony Lesuisse <
>> <>> wrote: >> >> With version 9, we will release 2 editions of odoo: Odoo Community and Odoo >> Enterprise. >> >> Odoo Enterprise will consist of Odoo Community plus a set of enterprise only >> features (or in technical term, an additional repository with extra modules). >> >> Some new features that have been under developement latetly will be in >> enterprise such as electronic signature, integration with shipping providers. >> For example the crm_voip module (currently published as a paid app on the app >> store) will be in the enterprise repository. However core modules like the new >> accounting remains in the Community version. >> >> Odoo community will be supported as much as Odoo enterprise, Odoo Community is >> the foundation of Odoo Enterprise and it will remain free and open source as LGPL. >> >> For technical users, they can access the code through the same GitHub >> repository. The community version 9 will be at odoo/odoo#9.0 and the >> development branch is still at odoo/odoo#master. >> >> Odoo Enterprise users (and partners) will have access to the enterprise >> repository containing only the additional modules. >> >> You might have wondered why odoo master has not been pushed for a few weeks. >> The reason is that we had some feature branches with those extra modules, we >> did not want to push the merged branches as LGPL. >> >> We are currently filtering the branch with git-filter-branch before we can >> push it back to master. >> >> Antony. >> >> _______________________________________________ >> Mailing-List:
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