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Purchase Requisition Process

Eficent Business and IT Consulting Services, S.L.
- 05/08/2015 03:43:25
Hello Community,

I'm in need of Purchase Requisition process as Wikipedia defines it ( 

What I'm finding is that the current "purchase_requisition" module is more oriented towards organizing a bid for a predefined set of products. 1 Bid translate to 1:N PO's.

But what I'm looking for is a model where users can request the procurement of materials or services to the purchasing department, and this department can then decide to group various Requisitions to initiate a single purchase (or even a bid that would complete a number of user requisitions).

That is, a model where N Purchase Requisitions can translate to 1:M Purchase Orders.

Before we start the work to develop the modules to fulfill this need, I'd like to double check with others to see if there's consensus about the Purchase Requsition process.