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Re: Odoo v9 Community and Enterprise editions

- 05/07/2015 14:21:49
I can only agree with Anders.   What happens in next version and future
road-maps? Another Compiere or Openbravo? I can agree that any company
needs a good business model and to make money. But in this case the risk
is to remove what is truly unique about Odoo and basically one of a kind
in ERP.  I hope Odoo will continue  as true open-source, build on
different, smarter and more aggressive business models compared to
competitions. Continue to use a strong community for crowd founding,
development and testing. I am not sure if one more Compiere or Openbravo
will be the model for success and to make a difference in the ERP world. 

Anders Arod

Anders Wallenquist skrev den 2015-05-07 16:30:
> Den 2015-05-07 15:43, Antony Lesuisse skrev:
> > With version 9, we will release 2 editions of odoo: Odoo Community and Odoo
> > Enterprise.
> I think its a bad idea. A very bad idea. Looking at other free software 
> project this kind of changes has made a lot damage to the community and 
> the product in whole. For example; we have done a lot of work with 
> "crm_voip" modules - but as a paid module or a module in "Enterprise 
> Edition" its impossible to interact the way that makes free software 
> rock. To continue our work for customers that uses Asterisk with Odoo we 
> have to build another infrastructure which is double work, increases 
> cost and slows down the development. The development of "enterprise 
> edition" reduces the transparency and will not help customers who does 
> large investments in Odoo-development to do that in an efficient and 
> strategic manner.
> I'm aware that OpenERP SA needs business offerings - and thats good in 
> general - but all changes that makes it harder to contribute to Odoo and 
> work in interaction with OpenERP SA and other contributors make the 
> product weaker and kills cooperation. Give as better better offerings to 
> resell to our customers instead.
> I sincerely hope that this nonsense ends before OpenERP SA completely 
> destroys their ability to make Odoo to a profitable system for all parties.
> My 10 cents,
> Anders Wallenquist
> Vertel AB
> > Odoo Enterprise will consist of Odoo Community plus a set of enterprise only
> > features (or in technical term, an additional repository with extra modules).
> >
> > Some new features that have been under developement latetly will be in
> > enterprise such as electronic signature, integration with shipping providers.
> > For example the crm_voip module (currently published as a paid app on the app
> > store) will be in the enterprise repository. However core modules like the new
> > accounting remains in the Community version.
> >
> > Odoo community will be supported as much as Odoo enterprise, Odoo Community is
> > the foundation of Odoo Enterprise and it will remain free and open source as LGPL.
> >
> > For technical users, they can access the code through the same GitHub
> > repository. The community version 9 will be at odoo/odoo#9.0 and the
> > development branch is still at odoo/odoo#master.
> >
> > Odoo Enterprise users (and partners) will have access to the enterprise
> > repository containing only the additional modules.
> >
> > You might have wondered why odoo master has not been pushed for a few weeks.
> > The reason is that we had some feature branches with those extra modules, we
> > did not want to push the merged branches as LGPL.
> >
> > We are currently filtering the branch with git-filter-branch before we can
> > push it back to master.
> >
> > Antony.
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