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Re: Vet modules

OpusVL, Nuria Arranz-Velazquez
- 05/07/2015 05:07:13
Hi Gaston,

I recently came across to a module called Odoo Medical, but I don't think it is open source. My boss asked me to test it and review it. It was a V7 module, but apparently there is a V8 on the go.

The module itself was a bit buggie, but it was fairly complete. It had:
- Doctors listing
- Prescriptions
- Appointments
- Patients records

I suppose it works the same for a normal surgery process than it does for a pet clinic.

I'll try to find out if the module will get release to github at some point (hopefully after some bug fixing).


On 06/05/15 21:22, Gastón Pablo Pérez wrote:
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Hi there!

Is there any module to manage a veterinary for odoo 8? manage pets by client, and maybe a clinical history?

thanks in advance

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