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Re: Strange behaviour with followers and e-mails

Alberto Luengo Cabanillas
- 05/07/2015 03:54:27
Thanks again for your answer, Martin.

But this behaviour is a little bit confusing, isn't it? I mean, can't we have problems (even legal problems) by letting the system composes mails in the name of someone who didn't authorize it? (the original answer was addressed exclusively to 'catchall', not to 'customer@'...)

2015-05-07 9:48 GMT+02:00 Martin Trigaux <>:
On 07/05/15 09:38, Alberto Luengo Cabanillas wrote:
> 2015-05-07 9:28 GMT+02:00 Martin Trigaux
>     When you receive emails because you are follower of a record (e.g. a
>     project issue), your replies are still linked to the actual thread. When
>     the odoo server will process your email, it will dispatch it to every
>     follower of the document.
>     For instance:
> <> writes on a customer's issue which sends an email
>     to <> and <>
>     If <> replies to <> email
>     address (depending on how you configure your mail server) that will
>     dispatch the email to foo and customer.
> I understand this, but this email that 'customer@' receives comes from
> 'bar@' instead of coming from 'catchall@' that correct?

Yes the sender will be kept but the reply-to address will be the catchall

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