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Re: Strange behaviour with followers and e-mails

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 05/07/2015 03:25:33
When you receive emails because you are follower of a record (e.g. a
project issue), your replies are still linked to the actual thread. When
the odoo server will process your email, it will dispatch it to every
follower of the document.

For instance: writes on a customer's issue which sends an email
to and

If replies to email
address (depending on how you configure your mail server) that will
dispatch the email to foo and customer.

What you need to keep in mind is that when replying to an email, you
still have the thread reference so, even if you change the recipient
email from to, it will
still be processed by the server as a reply (email headers). So don't
criticise your customer in an individual reply ;-)

On 07/05/15 09:03, Alberto Luengo Cabanillas wrote:
> Related to this, is also normal that the reply given by follower 'A' to
> project manager 'P' it also reaches follower 'B' with follower 'A' as
> sender and not project manager 'P' ?
> I mean, how can the system automatically send an email (subject:
> 'Response to P', sender: 'A', addressee: 'B') without the authorization
> from 'A' (who is only answering to 'P')?
> Thanks again,

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