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access control list and settings

- 05/06/2015 21:57:41

I have created a new user called PR1 with login credentials.
this is the screenshot of user setting  and

I want to give restrictions to access certain fields in openerp so that 
the particular user can use which permitted only. I have create a new 
menu in menu items. I want PR1 can only access this menu.
this is the screenshot of my new menu

i have create a new group called user PR. PR1 have connected with group 
User PR.
this is the screenshot of my new group

I tried using many steps for the past two days,but in vain.
when i have checkbox in button "user" dan "user PR" in user settings it 
show screenshot like this
it result like this

but, when i just checkbox in button "user PR" it show like this
it result is
it mean that my group "user PR" cannot work without "user"

i want user PR1 only see my new menu without menu purchases.  Can anyone 
please explain from the basic changes in User account regarding this 
permission issue to the changes that are to be made in Groups/Access 
Control List/ menu items?

i will be apreciate for any help with screenshot or explain in details. 


NB: i am sorry about indirect link,  i try for direct link but it 
doesn't work