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suppliers with different pack sizes

Libertus Solutions, Alan Bell
- 05/06/2015 04:11:42
Hi all,

I set up a product that will be buy to stock, it has a supplier that 
sells them in packs of 10 or bulk packs of 100, these have a different 
supplier product code. Now if it was just one product code I can set up 
volume price breaks with supplier price lists, but that isn't the 
situation here because I need two different supplier product codes. If I 
add the supplier twice to the product, with a different minimum order 
quantity then when I come to place a purchase order it won't let me 
order 10 widgets because it thinks there is a minimum order quantity of 
100 - I can't tell it to order a pack of 10.

I am wondering if there is something you can do with units of measure, 
or maybe a manufacturing step to break the pack of 100, or if there is a 
simple solution to this.