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Re: Can OpenERP in combination with RFID in a single system , thus removing highly accurate output?

Nhomar Hernandez
- 05/05/2015 17:17:13

2015-05-05 12:52 GMT-05:00 Tsubasa Ozora <>:
. Can this be done ?

Direct Answer. With python all can be done, if there is a sdk that can serve data to a python app by any way it can be integrated.

Odoo's side you need design in what part of process you want put your data on, that's the critical part, but not because technical compliance, more because procedural stuff that not always are as rigid as we think.

We integrated several technologies with odoo, but 90% of the time expent was defining process suff and making data perfectly consistent and usuable.

I hope this comment helps you.


Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez