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Re: Installing odoo

Denero Team
- 05/05/2015 05:00:16

As Odoo build on python and postgresql  and both are opensource and works well on both platform windows and linux. 

You can choose any of it. But I also concur to the other's comments from Anders and Dave that with Ubuntu I am much more productive then Windows. 


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On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 11:52 AM, ninja hatori <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you for allowed me to join this community, my name is syafaat harywibowo, i am indonesian. this is the first time im using odoo.

may i know what is the diferent installing this odoo between windows 8 and ubuntu operating system? which OS is better for installing odoo? is there any benefit if i install odoo on a better OS?

Thank You,
Syafaat Harywibowo


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