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Re: Trouble in Odoo 9.0

Anders Wallenquist
- 05/05/2015 02:43:21
Odoo 9.0 are still under development and there can be a lot of obstacles. Check the logs for any errors.

Try Odoo 8.0. There are reports thart its much easier to run and develop Odoo under Ubuntu, rather than Windows. You can install Ubuntu in a virtual machine on your notebook.


Anders Wallenquist
Vertel AB

Den 2015-05-05 08:36, Mega Fridayanti skrev:
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i am Mega from Indonesia.
i am a new user for Odoo 9.0
I just installed Odoo 9.0 in my notebook,
but after the installation finish, i just got a blank page (pls see my attachment)
I have click create / restore, but it still a blank page.
Does it mean my notebook/laptop not compatible for Odoo 9.0 ?
there is any spesific spesification for laptop/notebook to install Odoo 9.0 ?

thanks before :)

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