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Re: Purhcase_landed_costs Module V7 - camptocamp

Fakrudeen Abbaz
- 05/04/2015 00:04:19

Hi Naran

Landed cost in V7 is very good and in V8 more features.
The concept of landed cost.

X item from A supplier purchasing for $ 500.

And there's a shipping cost $ 250 not met by the supplier.

So the total cost of X item           = 750 $
A Supplier Payable                        = 500 $
Shipping cost (Clearing agent)  = 250 $

Additional charges in pursuance normally paid by Buyer directly or through an agent most of the cases in local currency.  So separate  invoice booking required.

Fakrudeen Abbaz
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On May 4, 2015 7:48 AM, "Naran M" <> wrote:
Hello All,

I was trying to use purhcase_landed_costs module (v7) from camptocamp ,and have a question related to it’s supplier invoice creation,hopefully someone using this module would able to give some insights around it.

Why does it create a supplier invoice with amount included landed cost ( different to PO), when the landed costs line items could relate to different supplier invoices..? 


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