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Re: continuously variable variants

Open For Small Business Ltd, Graeme Gellatly
- 04/30/2015 23:06:26
I work for a roofing company primarily and we have similar requirements of say window flashings with different dimensions and lengths.  The modules aren't public, simply because they are very very custom and won't work with standard OCB/Odoo manufacturing module in particular.  Now with OCA construction and needing to port to v8 I'm a bit more motivated to get as many out as possible but that is a while away.

However I will roughly describe the functionality.
On every header/line based document there is:

Maths integrated into the product search to calculate product, although in future may abstract further to pricing bands.
A seperate one2many on the line which specifies all the dimensioning details for each individual output (btw getting a nested one2many to work in an editable tree view of a form is not simple or perfect)
Override ALL of the appropriate methods to ensure this dimensioning list is moved around -> Picking, Manufacturing, Invoice, Refunds etc.
Rules around what dimensions update quantities under what circumstances.
MRP to calculate materials based on dimensioning factors.
MRP customisations to allow a manufacturing order to have multiple outputs and automatically aggregate and calculate materials.
Post sale confirmation amendments.

I'll be at the Odoo days if you wanted a demo of our approach.  But building the models is really simple, just a few one2manys's with appropriate columns the hard part is the shifting it about as needed for all the different things that can happen.  But some of them have been in production for nearly 5 years now and don't cause any issues.

On Fri, May 1, 2015 at 4:58 AM, Alan Bell <> wrote:
Hi All,

we have had a couple of situations where we were looking at odoo to 
manage products that are purchased by several dimensions, imagine a 
picture or a window, it has an x and y measurement, we might measure the 
width as 128cm and height as 93cm and we want to sell one with those 
dimensions. I can't use variants for this because these are not discrete 
options, and if I did for example put in 100 options for x and 100 
options for y that would create 10,000 products, which is a bit excessive.
It might be possible to restrict the variants to just pricing bands, so 
maybe each 10cm increment has a cost implication, but the exact 
measurements would still need to be recorded on the sales order and 
passed through to manufacturing.
Has anyone solved this kind of problem before or has a pointer to a 
different approach?


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